Team Obama Really Excited To Treat Women As An Uninformed Voter Block

Whether or not this contraceptive/abortifacient mandate rule was intentionally passed to shift the focus from Obama’s pathetic record on the economy, deficits, debt, energy prices, wasting money, etc, that has been the upshot, with his buddies in the MFM falling right in line, such as this front page NY Times article: Obama Plans Big Effort to Build Support Among Women

President Obama’s re-election campaign is beginning an intensified effort this week to build support among women, using the debate over the new health care law to amplify an appeal that already appears to be benefiting from partisan clashes over birth control and abortion.

On Monday, mailings will go out to one million women in more than a dozen battleground states in three separate versions for mothers, young women and older women, campaign and party officials said.

What’s the message, that women aren’t capable of earning the small amounts of money necessary to purchase contraceptives, or at least ponying up the copay amounts? Or that they’re too stupid to adequately monitor their own health insurance/care? Or is it simply that they’re women, and need a strong Central Government to run their lives? Rather an anti-woman’s empowerment message, eh?

An effort called “Nurses for Obama” will begin on Wednesday, with nurses nationwide enlisted to be advocates for the health care law in their communities. And a new Web site will include links to video testimonials about the health care overhaul signed by Mr. Obama in 2010, including from a former critic who subsequently was found to have breast cancer.

Through the month, ending with what the campaign’s headquarters has designated a “Women’s Week of Action,” campaign field offices will organize phone banks, campus activities, house parties and media events featuring local residents helped by the law, officials say.

For all their talking of empowerment and being their own woman, liberal women sure do seem to like being treated as incapable of using their own thoughts and taking care of themselves, and instead expect to be treated as morons and a voting block, taken care of by a man, or, well, if we’re talking liberal men, a metrosexual.

Mr. Obama closed with the health care law and cited the same points that his campaign is highlighting: an end to insurance company caps on lifetime coverage, mandated coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, the ability of young adults to stay on their parents’ policies until age 26, and for preventive services like contraception. “So when you see politicians who are trying to take us back to the days when this care was more expensive and harder to get for women – and I know you’re seeing some of that here in Texas – you just remember we can’t let them get away with it,” he said.

Contraception was harder to get before ObamaCare? Really? I guess it wasn’t available everywhere from pharmacies, Planned Parenthood, gas stations, nightclubs, grocery stores, the Internet, all over. What he is telling women is that $9 a month for birth control pills is too expensive for women to afford, so, they should have Everyone Else share in the cost. It’s an anti-women talking point, and, while it will work in the short term, in the long term it is sure to backfire. Yes, Liberal women will be on board, but, despite the GOP losing some “centrist” women for the moment, most aren’t so dumb that they will fall for this line for long. Many will not make the mistake they made in 2008, when they fell for a snake oil salesman.

And, just as amazingly, Obama is actually talking about ObamaCare, something he, and most Democrats, have avoided like the plague (sadly, I can’t write “Black Plague”, pretty much the worst ever, because that might be considered raaaaacist). How long will this last? Depends on the economy. If you were Obama, which would you rather talk about: the law that gives people stuff (without discussing all the pesky problems over fines and government involvement) or $4 gas?

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