The Department Of Homeland Security Targets Tea Party Protests

The Department Of Homeland Security Targets Tea Party Protests

When the Occupy Protests happened, despite the fact that thousands of Occupiers were arrested, they were still often allowed to break the law with impunity. They blocked traffic, protested without a permit, camped places they weren’t allowed to camp and were generally allowed to do whatever they wanted. This might seem to be a minor matter, except Tea Party groups across the country cumulatively spent tens of millions of dollars on permits and security that the Occupy creeps were just allowed to skip. You can’t legally have two sets of standards for protests based on the ideology of protesters. That’s unconstitutional; yet it was done anyway.


Now, the IRS scandal is breaking big and we’re finding out that many liberal groups were given a free pass by the IRS while Christian and Tea Party groups were harassed and had their applications held up for years in some cases. The IRS can’t legally have two sets of standards for groups based on their ideology. That’s unconstitutional, yet it was done anyway.

On Tuesday, when Tea Party groups protested their unfair treatment by the IRS, we again saw them singled out for special negative attention by the government.

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There were multiple reported sightings of agents with the Department of Homeland Security at several Tea Party-led IRS protests in states like Missouri, Florida, Illinois and Indiana. The rallies that occurred across the country on Tuesday were sparked by the IRS’ unfair targeting of conservative groups – one of the several scandals the Obama administration is dealing with.

What is unclear though is why federal officials felt the Tea Party presence required more than the attention of local law enforcement.

Maybe the DHS should spend less time harassing Tea Partiers and more time ferreting out terrorists like the Boston Marathon Bombers. Alternately, if the Department of Homeland Security is so starved for things to do that it’s actually trying to intimidate people at Tea Party protests, maybe it needs to have its budget dramatically slashed. Maybe that’s something John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans in the House should start taking a looking at while they’re in the process of disciplining the IRS.

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