Trump Just LEVELED Obama’s Campaigning For Sick Hillary – “Shouldn’t You Be At Work?”

Trump Just LEVELED Obama’s Campaigning For Sick Hillary – “Shouldn’t You Be At Work?”

Now, that’s clever and very, very effective. Donald Trump’s campaign came out with a statement on Barack Obama subbing and campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. The title is: “Shouldn’t You Be At Work?” Great question and exactly right. Hillary canceled her fundraising in California for Monday and Tuesday. Then she had Bill Clinton fill in for her in Las Vegas. Then she had Barack Obama fill in for her in Philly.

Some of her health issues include:

  • Multiple falls since 2005 – one leading to a broken elbow and another to a concussion
  • Emails from Huma indicating sick Hillary is “often confused”
  • Lengthy naps
  • Lesion/biopsy of a tongue
  • Repeated coughing fits
  • Inability to stand without a stool
  • Several mini-seizures
  • Peculiar travel habits, including taking a private jet on 20 mile trips
  • Refusing to do a press conference for over 280 days, a world record

If I remember correctly, Hillary Clinton also had a blood clot in her brain, not once, but twice… once in 1998 and then in 2011. Now she is having seizures frequently and obviously her staff is well-versed in this common occurrence. Meanwhile, she is closing ranks and having the big guns step in for her. That will only last so long though.


From Gateway Pundit:

The Trump Campaign whacked Barack Obama today after his rally in Philadelphia for Sick Hillary.

“Shouldn’t You Be At Work?”

The Washington Examiner reported:

Turning his attention to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief surrogate, Republican Donald Trump ripped President Obama who is on the campaign trail again for his hoped for successor, asking, “Shouldn’t you be at work?

In a statement, Team Trump listed the efforts by Obama to leave the White House to spend hours helping the limping Clinton while major issues go untouched in Washington. Today, Obama flew to Philadelphia for a Clinton rally and fundraiser where co-chairs wrote a $100,000 check.

Trump is pointing out that President Obama would rather campaign for Hillary Clinton than solve major problems facing the country. He’s sooo right about that. The issues that Trump points out Obama is shirking are:

  • Obamacare Is In “Deep Trouble,” With Premiums Rising And Large Insurers Pulling Out Of Exchanges.
  • This Weekend Iran Threatened To Shoot Down Two Navy Aircraft Flying In International Airspace.
  • Last Week North Korea Tested Their “Potentially Most Powerful” Nuclear Weapon, Which State Media Said Could Be Mounted On A Ballistic Missile.
  • Last Month The U.S. GDP For The Second Quarter Was Revised Down To A 1.1 Percent Annualized Rate.
  • The September 2 Jobs Report “Whiffed On Market Expectations,” Showing An Increase Of Just 151,000 Non-farm Jobs In The Month Of August.

All exactly right… I sense the hand of Roger Ailes in all this. I am sure he told Trump don’t attack Hillary for being ill, it will make you look bad. Go after those around her that are subbing for her. It’s a brilliant political maneuver and it will work.

According to the White House press pool, there were approximately 25 attendees who contributed $33,400 in Philadelphia. Co-chairs contributed $100,000. Not bad for a Weekend at Bernie’s event.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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