After Trump Saves Carrier Jobs – Obama Is FOUND On Video Saying NO ONE Could Do It

After Trump Saves Carrier Jobs – Obama Is FOUND On Video Saying NO ONE Could Do It

Oops! President Obama is having another break-out of “Foot In Mouth Disease.” Trump just saved nearly 1000 jobs from leaving the country…with the Carrier Corporation. For so long, their employees and former employees have been fearing that day would come. Worried for themselves, their families, their livelihood.


So much so, one of them even brought up the subject in a question to Obama back in June. His reply will send shivers up your back and not due to patriotic goosebumps…strictly due to how hard it is to watch him make a total fool of himself.

It was during this question and answer time that President Barack Obama totally SLAMMED President-elect Donald Trump’s ability to do anything for the Carrier Corp. employees. The same employees who were anguished over being slated to lose their jobs because they were being outsourced.

In the wake of their announcement to outsource, Carrier said that they would shift production from Indiana to Mexico and OBAMA, the President of the United States, said…the move was part of a trend and there was no way it could be reversed.

Back in February, Trump had criticized the company’s plan to shut the plant and move jobs to Mexico. He also threatened that if and when he was elected President, he would seek to impose taxes on products Carrier made in Mexico to sell in the United States.

As expected, Trump’s comments were rebutted by President Obama during a June 1 town hall that was held in Indianapolis.

During which time an employee of Carrier stood and asked Obama a very blunt question with desperation in his voice.

This is what transpired…

Can you believe that? The President of the United States comes face to face with a citizen of the very country he is to protect and he offers NO solace or hope or remedy…he only kicks this poor man while he’s down. All so he can put a dig in at Donald Trump.

That is very telling of his character and his blind hatred.

Whereas most of us felt this man’s pain and worry… Obama only saw an opportunity to hit at his chosen candidate’s opponent.


Soon after the moment you watched captured on this video, Obama had the audacity to tell the audience that they would just have to learn to live with the loss.


How does this asshat even get his pants on in the morning let alone run the best damn country in the world!?

He doesn’t. That’s how.

For those of us who may not know yet…I’d like to end this article with some good news.

On Thursday, Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence met with Carrier officials to make a huge announcement. Nearly ALL of the 1000 jobs scheduled to be outsourced and taken from Americans …. WILL REMAIN IN INDIANAPOLIS.

In your face Obama.

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