TRUTH BOMB: Sheriff Clarke Goes Nuclear On Obama – States Controversial Theory

TRUTH BOMB: Sheriff Clarke Goes Nuclear On Obama – States Controversial Theory

One of the things I love about Sheriff David Clarke is he doesn’t hold anything back. Case in point… he just dropped a truth bomb on Obama, saying that he must think that there aren’t enough black people affected by floods in Louisiana, because the suffering isn’t deep enough for him to give up his partying on Martha’s Vineyard. Yep, that’s about right. Only I know that was said tongue-in-cheek because we all know it wouldn’t matter how many black people died or suffered, Obama just doesn’t give a crap.

Since Obama couldn’t play the racism card or use it to political advantage, poor Louisiana didn’t make his dance card. So not surprised. He’s far more into hanging out on the golf course and at the black Hamptons than getting himself muddy or wet in some flood. He’ll just step over the bodies, thank you very much.

Sheriff Clarke

From BizPac Review:

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. remarked Saturday that President Obama must believe there aren’t enough blacks affected by flood-ravaged Louisiana because the suffering hasn’t been sufficient for him to interrupt his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Clarke, who’s a frequent critic of the Obama administration, observed on social media:

Sheriff Clarke1

Sheriff Clarke2

Hillary is just as bad… in fact worse. Obama is going to Louisiana the day after his vacation… the Hildabeast isn’t going at all. She’s in Martha’s Vineyard as well, celebrating Bill’s 70th birthday and hanging with the likes of Cher. She actually spun the whole thing as if she was doing Louisiana a favor by staying out of the way. Well, why not take that further and just drop out of the race, you pandering piece of crap.

Trump was the only one who showed and he brought an 18-wheeler full of food, water, clothes, provisions and toys. The people literally wept when he showed up. I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but that was a hell of a lot more presidential than either of the other two leftists on the trail.

Clarke’s theory may be controversial… that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Frankly, I wish Clarke was president.

Sheriff Clarke3

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