Union Thugs Attack Communication Lines, Desecrate Funeral Homes

Having the backing of the most aggressively pro-union president since FDR seems to have thrown the thuggery that characterizes these pernicious organizations into overdrive. Striking Verizon workers are now attacking communication lines:

Verizon Communications Inc. reported a dozen cases of sabotaged cable lines and warned of delays in repairs and customer service on the second day of a strike involving about 45,000 employees.

The telecommunications company said there have been 12 acts of sabotage to telephone lines and to Internet and television services in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York since the strike began.

Fiber-optic lines were intentionally cut in Tewksbury and several other municipalities on the East Coast, the company said.

Stolen equipment in Cedar Grove, N.J., affected service to a police department…

In the town whose radical left community launched Obama at the country, not even the dead are safe:

On July 10, three Chicago-area Alderwoods funeral homes were viciously vandalized. All were Dignity Memorial network facilities that had also been targeted for a strike by local Teamsters.

As always the union denies responsibility, just don’t be slow to meet our demands in the future, wink wink, nudge nudge.

It turns out not everyone low enough to desecrate funerals belongs to the Fred Phelps cult:

Making union protestations of innocence hard to believe were nasty fliers bearing a Teamsters banner, pictures of which have popped up all over the Internet, warning ominously: “Any family that makes arrangements with a Chicago-area Dignity Memorial funeral home during this time may encounter a labor dispute at the location.”

This is the mentality of the people running the White House under SEIU BFF Barack Hussein Obama, who became so expert at union-style tactics as a community organizer that he served as an instructor for ACORN.

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The rot at the top.

On tips from G. Fox, Wiggins, Hail the Amberlamps!, GoY, and Shawn. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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