VIDEO: Hillary Suggests Obama Could Be SHOT DEAD

VIDEO: Hillary Suggests Obama Could Be SHOT DEAD

In 2008, it was Hillary who had no problem stating that she would withdraw herself from the presidential race that she was running against Obama in, DESPITE it being obvious she couldn’t win anyway. Why? Well because…assassination


What do you gather from that? She makes an assassination comment…right out of left field. What the heck is that all about!?

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Well, here’s a few thoughts of people in the comment section:

Ruth Johnston4 months ago
She doesn’t know why people were trying to push her out of this? same reason now as then: disingenuous, liar, not in touch with citizens, annoying, cheats and self promoting

MCPrimetime3 hours ago
History repeats itself.

Nikola Tesla4 months ago
Wow….shocking!! Another flip-flopping

Theodore Rule of Law3 hours ago (edited)
I cant stand to watch this person anymore. Witch laugh…Liar! Thief! Murderer! Hypocrite!

Topdamagewizard4 months ago
Hillary if you Scared say you scared

That last one made me laugh…

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