Washington Readies For Huge Jobs Summit

Oh, wait, did I say jobs? Sorry, my mistake, the economy and jobs are still being ignored, in favor of climate change, amnesty for illegals, and nuclear weapons

The nation’s capital is gearing up for a very busy couple of days. President Obama opens a summit on nuclear security Monday with dozens of world leaders scheduled to attend. Mr. Obama said Sunday that he was pleased by their sense of urgency and warned that al Qaeda wouldn’t hesitate to use a nuclear weapon if it could, as CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports.

In Washington, security has been stepped up at hotels, embassies and meeting sites of the nuclear security summit. With 47 governments attending, it’s thought to be the biggest gathering of world leaders ever in the nation’s capital.

Interestingly, there aren’t 47 countries with nuclear weapons. CNN has a list of some of the countries attending, including South Africa, which is a “moral leader”, as they started then stopped their weapons program. Of course, Israel is choosing to not attend, since, by all appearances, this could become yet another Israel bashing world forum. And Iran will not be there, because they could care less about what the world, and Obama, have to say, on their slow, incompetent march towards nuclear nation status.

Top administration officials appeared on news talk shows to promote the summit’s focus on securing nuclear materials – the so-called “loose nukes.”

That’s a worthy goal, yet, good luck with that, and it might be high time to focus on the economy and jobs, things that, like nuclear weapons, Obama knows little about.

But, “This administration can’t address the Iran and North Korea threats alone,” said Corey Hinderstein of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. “They have to build an international consensus.”

Alone? The EU has been in talks, that went nowhere, with Iran for years. Interestingly, it was Obama who wanted to go it alone by holding out his hand to Iran. I must say, I do like Obama’s approach to North Korea, which is basically to ignore them like they are a petulant child. Whether intentional, or because Obama is a foreign policy rube, that is the best way to treat Kim Jong Il, who generally wants some new toy when he acts up.

Analysts say president Obama is not on track to fulfill his campaign pledge of securing all loose nuclear material by the end of his first term, but this summit is a key milestone along the way.

Ah. So the summit is All About Obama. Will anyone be surprised when other world leaders show up in pictures bored and frowning after they are subjected to long winded lectures by The Professor, punctuated with lots of “ah’s” and “um’s” and “er’s”?

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