Watch: Ben Sasse Shreds Obama on Senate Floor with Epic Sign and Speech

Watch: Ben Sasse Shreds Obama on Senate Floor with Epic Sign and Speech

We are at war with militant Islam and Jihadists and Ben Sasse is not afraid to say it. Sasse is right… you can’t defeat an enemy if you can’t even say who they are. His sign was simple and pitch perfect as well. Even a fourth grader knows what the ‘I’ stands for. He absolutely eviscerated Obama in his speech on the Senate floor. It was epic. Sasse is demanding that the president, you know, actually do something: “Stop lecturing Americans that they’re supposedly stupid to be frightened about jihadis who actually do want to bomb their sporting event. And instead use your pen and phone as Commander-in-Chief to start telling us what your plan is to find and kill those who would do us harm. Start telling us what your actual plan is to have a Middle Eastern map that isn’t generating more failed states that become terrorist training camps,” Sasse said Tuesday. Applause, applause. Well said sir.

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From Western Journalism:

Fourth graders know more than the President of the United States when it comes to saying who is behind terrorist threats to America, Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said Thursday night in a highly emotional speech aimed at the president.

Sasse displayed a poster spelling out the acronym ISIL, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Sasse, however, omitted the first word, leaving only a capital I.

“While the White House is insisting that no one use the word ‘Islamic’ or note any connection between the war that we’re facing and some subset of Islam—even as the White House insists that no one use the word—their own preferred adjective—ISIL or ISIS—begins with an ‘I,’” he said.

“Every fourth-grader in America can deduce, without any assistance from Vanna White, what the rest of the word that begins with an ‘I’ is,” Sasse said.

“We are obviously not at war with all Muslims, but we are at war with those who believe that they would kill in the name of religion. And the White House insist that we muzzle ourselves and not tell the truth,” Sasse said.

Everyone seems to know we are at war but Obama and the politicos. They know… they just don’t give a crap. Sasse went on to say: “This is a clash of civilizations— a fight between free people and a totalitarian movement,” he said. “We are free and our enemies hate it. …They hate us not because of any particular thing we have done, by omission or by commission; they hate us because of who we are,” he said. That is the cold hard truth. I don’t agree with his take on Trump being a demagogue, but the rest is spot on. America is angry and frustrated. We are not dumb sheep. Our country has been trashed and we are being inundated with terrorists and invaders. If Obama doesn’t do something and soon, then Americans will. The Constitution is the basis for our nation and freedoms and we have had our fill of Marxists and traitors.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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