WATCH: Malia Obama Caught KISSING Mystery Man In Shocking Video

WATCH: Malia Obama Caught KISSING Mystery Man In Shocking Video

Ah, young Marxist love! Malia Obama went to her first Harvard-Yale football game and of course, the media followed her breathlessly. She was seen smooching with a guy in a Crimson tee while tailgating. She was having fun with her friends last Saturday outside the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT, having a cigarette that may not meet parental approval. But then again, these are the Obamas we are talking about. The guy she’s kissing is probably a fellow student, but his identity is a mystery.

It’s not much of a scandal… just one smooch and some touchy feely. But it looks like they are somewhat more than friends. Malia evidently made out better than her team… they were stomped 24 to 3. And may I just say it’s kind of creepy that the press just hangs out trying to catch Malia doing something like this? Every move the kid makes seems to make headlines. She’s just not that interesting guys.

We’ve now seen Malia with several guys and at quite a few parties. Sober and not. She’s definitely in her partying phase. At least this time she wasn’t passed out or jerking on the ground. That night like a number of others didn’t end well for Malia. She has a rep for doing drugs, drinking and going wild. You would think her security detail would keep the media further away from her. Malia is getting pretty fed up with it all and has lost her temper before with the media. I can’t say I blame her on that count.

Malia is a grown woman now and no longer living with her parents, but because her father was president, that Secret Service detail should be with her at all times. Especially in the explosive political environment we find ourselves in these days. I’ve never cared for her personally and I certainly care for her parents and their Marxist ideology even less, but they need to be kept safe for the sake of the country. And regardless of how I feel about her, Malia is entitled to some privacy and to have fun while in college without constantly being harassed.

The video of her boy encounter is below. This is just the first game she’s gone to, so you can bet there will be many more photo-ops like this one. The media will go to extreme lengths to get pics of Malia and any hint of scandal connected to her. Welcome to the shameless America paparazzi.

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