Where is the Missing Media Outrage Over President Obama?

I was reminded today, during the Bush presidency, there was a daily tracking of both the deaths of US troops serving in the war and rising gas prices.:  The media was outraged over it.:  The people were as well.

Where is the outrage now?

Two U.S. troops were killed in eastern Afghanistan today by hostile small arms fire.:  Their names have not yet been released.:  Have you heard of this?

Five days ago, Sergeant Louis R. Torres, only 23 years old, was killed in Kandahar by an IED attack. : Have you heard of that?

Three and half years ago I would pull up to a gas pump, swipe my debit card, and grumble over the fact I was paying almost $2.oo dollars per gallon of gas.:  This week, I go to the gas station, swipe my card and cringe over the fact I’m paying almost $4.oo a gallon.

Last month gas prices dropped locally to almost $3.25 a gallon and I remember thinking, oh, gas prices are so good now.:  What?:  Someone slap me.:  Since when did I become so desensitized over ridiculous costs at the pump?:  I should be angrier this.

What’s changed?

Here’s what has changed.:  The divisional tactics of our current President and the death of journalism as we once knew it.

In 2007, The Washington Post reported that then Senator Barack Obama claimed in an interview he would be the person who could unite our country and escape from the current “ideological gridlock.”:  But what the now President has done has created a division the likes of which we haven’t seen since the civil war.

The classes are effectively divided.:  Success is now “bad” and the poor are now “owed”.:  Words and issues like the “right to birth control” and the “war on women” were not even part of our rhetoric three and a half years ago.:  Not one Republican is stating women should not have access to birth control, only that it: isn’t: the Government’s job to pay for it.

There is a frightening division among the races and religions.:  The country feels as though it is swept up in an out of control wild fire with Obama smugly standing holding kerosene instead of a bucket of water.

Everything Obama has done has forced Americans to choose a side.:  Comments like “you: didn’t: build that” and “pay their fair share” show this.:  With heels dug in deep, the main stream media has done exactly the same thing.:  It would be foolish to say there was no media bias before 4 years ago.:  That’s not true.

Has it ever been to the hostile degree of bias it is now?

It’s us against them.:  And with what was once only reserved for opinion columnists, every report and every article is written with spin and a harsh agenda fueling it.

I ask myself constantly, where is the outrage over losing our Constitutional rights?:  How many armed drones will it take flying over your back yard, snapping photographs of your children or even reading the mail you hold in your hands, before you will get angry?

We are about to hit $16 trillion dollars in debt.:  How much debt will we have to accumulate before you realize that type of debt is unsustainable and must be stopped, yesterday?:  At the rate we are going and if Obama is re-elected and his budget enacted, the debt is predicted to be at well over the $20 trillion dollar mark.:  It will lead us to a total economic collapse.:  Why is the main stream media showing no anger over this?

They are angry today because Mitt Romney made a birther joke.:  Really?:  This is the news and this is what is important to them?

ObamaCare will now cost three times more than what was originally told to us it would.:  Is anyone upset about this?:  We are about to experience the largest tax hike on Americans in our entire history. : And this is okay?

We are taking drastic measures toward socialism and moving as far from capitalism and the very ideals that made this country the great power that it is.:  Winston Churchill, whose bust which was a gift from the people of Great Britain was removed immediately from the White House and sent back upon the Obama’s occupation of it, once said that socialism’s “inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

No wonder President Obama: doesn’t: like him. : He stands for all Obama is against.

The time to be outraged is now. Don’t allow this President or the current media to sugar coat the truth.:  The truth is this President is systematically destroying our country and he is hurting Americans.:  He is destroying our past and already destroying our future. And we show our outrage by removing him from office.

Today, the average cost of gas in the nation is $3.75.

Today, two soldiers died in a war Obama swore to end and has now extended indefinitely.

And quite frankly, I’m outraged and you should be too.



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