White House Has Hissy Fit Over GOP Refusal To Discuss Obama’s Worthless Budget

Would it surprise you that Obama actually produced a budget almost on time? It is rather unusual, as he is typically late. He even holds the record for the longest delay among presidents, 98 days. It was due by the previous Monday. Now we get this

(The Hill) White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Friday tore into Republican leaders for their decision to not grant a hearing to President Obama’s budget.

“Maybe they’re taking the Donald Trump approach to debates about the budget — they’re just not going to show up,” Earnest quipped, referring to the presidential frontrunner’s decision to skip last week’s Fox News debate.

Leaders of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) and House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) said they would not hold hearings with Shaun Donovan, the White House’s budget director, to review the president’s fiscal 2017 budget.

“I guess the future is pretty dim if you have Republicans in Congress unwilling to even talk about the budget with the White House,” Earnest said Friday.

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Spokesweasel Earnest continued whining for quite a bit longer. Perhaps the press should have asked why it will be over a week late.

“It certainly does raise some questions about how serious Republicans actually are about governing the country,” Earnest said.

GOP leaders have previously called Obama’s budgets “not serious,” “irresponsible” and “dead on arrival.”

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) called the move “outrageous,” and said it called into doubt the Republicans’ “seriousness about fulfilling their promise to complete a budget process.”

“Never before in modern Congressional history have we seen the Majority declare that it would refuse to extend to the President’s top budget representative the courtesy of a hearing,” Hoyer wrote in a statement.

Huh. That’s quite a bit of whining. Of course, it is all political, as, let’s remember that every time Congress has voted on any Obama budget, it has failed miserably, even when Democrats were in control. The previous one was defeated 413-2, and 98-1 in the Senate, and Democrats have called forcing votes on Obama’s budget recommendations as “stunts”. Let’s also remember that Harry Reid, while still Senate majority leader, refused to even allow a vote on Obama’s budget proposal one year. Obama’s budgets are dead on arrival. They never pass. So, why even bother to discuss them in the first place?

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