White House Won’t Comment On Weiner, Filner

Spokesweasel Jay Carney refuses to take a stand on the Democrat War On Women, because, you know, the White House and the President never comment on local issues, and their too busy to be distracted from issues not regarding the economy or something

(Daily Caller) White House spokesman Jay Carney Wednesday ducked, dodged and dived to escape questions about two top Democrats embroiled in sex scandals.

The simultaneous scandals have been caused by a Democratic candidate for New York mayor, Anthony Weiner, and the Democratic mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner. Their sexting and harassment of women have humiliated many Democrats, including those who have happily spent the last few years charging the GOP with waging a “war on women.”

Obama is flying into the Filner scandal because he has announced an Aug. 7 visit to a U.S. Marine Corps base outside San Diego, Calif.

“The president is traveling to Camp Pendleton which is not in San Diego, which is outside,” Carney said July Wednesday. “I don’t have anything on that.”

“He’s commander in chief. He doesn’t oversee municipalities. … I don’t have any comment on that,” he said.

And regarding Carlos Danger, er, Anthony Weiner, Carney also refused to comment.

“The president is focused on what we can do here in Washington to help the middle class,” Carney insisted July 31.

“I understand the allure of issues like this in the media,” Carney said. “But I’m saying that the president believes his job is not to comment on those issues, but to do what we can do to get the economy moving.”

Right. Because he would never comment on things like the Boston PD arresting someone, or the Zimmerman/Martin issue. He would never say that the Boston PD “acted stupidly”, and then put together a beer summit. He would never say that “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago”. Obama would never get involved in, say, a lawsuit against Arizona and Florida. Obama was sure loose with his tongue when it came to sexual assaults in the military, which is being used to attempt to get cases thrown out due to “undue command influence”. I guess that these are “local issues”, because Obama refused to support Gillibrand’s sexual assault in the military bill.

But, of course neither Carney nor Obama will comment on these, because Weiner and Fillner are Democrats. No one should be surprised. Just like we won’t be surprised that Obama’s wilting economic pivot will produce nothing but talking points.

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