Why Are Liberals So Ashamed Of What They’ve Done Since Obama Got Into Office?

Story after story like this one keep popping up in the news,

Polls show the public knows Democratic policies have hurt the country. Having no defense, Democrats have ramped up efforts to blame George W. Bush for today’s troubles, going so far as to distribute “Blame Bush” pocket cards with talking points attacking the former president.

So that’s the grand strategy? Blame Bush? Blame a bunch of Republicans who don’t have the power to stop anything the Democrats are doing?

* Come on, you libs, why not run on health care? I seem to remember Obama and Clinton promising that would be a huge plus at the polls.

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* How about that incredibly expensive stimulus bill you swore would get the economy back on track. How’s that working out?

* How about TARP? Granted, it got started under Bush, but Democrats have made the most of it! The bailouts just never stop with you libs.

* Cash for clunkers! Now there’s a winner. Free cash money from the government and for clunkers, no less! Don’t you want to talk about it?

* Then there’s ethics — didn’t Nancy Pelosi promise to have the most ethical Congress in history? Maybe you could get some prominent Democrats like Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, and Eric Massa to talk to the country about the high standards the Democrats have lived up to since they took everything over.

* We also shouldn’t forget Barack Obama’s ironclad pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making over $250,000 a year. He stuck to that, right? Right?

* What about Obama’s criticism of Bush for deficit spending? Why doesn’t Obama run commercials talking about the superb job he’s done there?

* Then there are Obama’s foreign policy successes. Granted, I can’t think of any at the moment, although some of the critical things he said about America and his bowing do come to mind…

* How about the bang up job Obama did of handling the oil spill in the Gulf? Why don’t you Dems run on that?

Unlike Bush 1, Bush 2, or Clinton, Barack Obama has gotten a lot done in his first two years. There’s a lot there for people to evaluate. So, if you liberals aren’t ashamed of it, why not run on it?

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