Why Barack Obama Reminds Me Of Fabio

Why Barack Obama Reminds Me Of Fabio

Like him or hate him, Barack Obama has been extraordinarily successful. How has he done it? He used the same strategy at every level.

He gives speeches, people are impressed by the fact that he has some charisma, and they elect him to office. Then, he gives more speeches, people talk about how great he sounds, and next thing you know, he gets elected to a higher office. That’s how Obama became a state senator, it’s how he became a senator, and it’s how he became President. In other words, Obama didn’t get where he is by actually accomplishing things in the conventional sense or by being a leader. Instead, he got to where he is by giving speeches.

So, when people look to Obama for leadership, he gives a speech. When he comes up against a problem he doesn’t know how to solve, he gives a speech. When people ask him what his plan is, he gives a speech full of platitudes. This is, of course, a completely non-functional way to approach governing, but for awhile, when Obama had such overwhelming margins in Congress that Democrats got whatever they wanted, it seemed to work out okay for him. So, to Barack Obama, it must have seemed like a speech was still the solution to every problem.

However, there actually is more to leadership than giving speeches — especially deceptive speeches that as often as not, have very little to do with Obama’s actual positions on the issues. At what point does Obama stop acting like a petulant child who’s overwhelmed with his first day of kindergarten, stop throwing tantrums and flapping his gums, and actually start governing?

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It’s almost as if Fabio were President and his solution to every problem is to strike a pose until someone else fixes things.

Obama gives speeches and Fabio poses. Both of them are pitchmen, but neither of them actually leads anyone anywhere. So, what’s the difference?

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