WikiLeaks EXPOSED “Obama Lie” On Hillary’s Private Server – Now White House RESPONDS!

WikiLeaks EXPOSED “Obama Lie” On Hillary’s Private Server – Now White House RESPONDS!

The big question now is when did Obama really learn of Hillary Clinton’s “homebrew” email server. Obama claims it was at the same time everyone else did and that he got it through news reports. We knew that claim was bogus from the very beginning. He claimed that in 2015. But according to emails dug up by WikiLeaks, that just isn’t true.

“Looks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal e-mail when he saw it in the news,” wrote Hillary Clinton for America spokesman Josh Schwerin upon learning of Obama’s contention. “We need to clean this up,” replied Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief of staff at the State Department. “He has e-mails from her — they do not say” What does that look like to you? To me it looks like Obama was lying… again.

Last month it was revealed that Obama used a pseudonym when communicating by email directly with Clinton. “How is this not classified,” remarked Huma Abedin when confronted with emails investigators believed were Obama’s pseudonymous communications with Clinton, according to a report released by the FBI. How much proof do you need that Obama knew? Of course he did. With the security he has, they knew before he ever sent those emails. They didn’t care.


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From Western Journalism:

After the release of a WikiLeaks email chain from March 2015 on Tuesday in which a top Clinton aide admitted President Barack Obama falsely claimed he did not know about Hillary Clinton’s private server use while she was secretary of state, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest sprung into action to deny that the president had lied about the issue.

“What the president said was an entirely factual response,” Earnest said to a group of reporters in Los Angeles where Obama was attending Democratic fundraisers.

Earnest then attempted to explain away all criticism of the president’s actions as mere conspiracies.

“I recognize that some of the president’s critics have attempted to construct some type of conspiracy about the communication between the president and the secretary of state,” he said.

He continued, “But they’ve failed to put forward a conspiracy that withstands any scrutiny, so I guess they are back to recycling thoroughly debunked conspiracies.”

Now you have Obama’s spokeshole, Josh Earnest, coming in to clean up the mess and doing a supremely crappy job of it as usual. He just blathered that Obama didn’t lie, that he told the ‘factual’ truth and that everyone else is engaging in conspiracy theories. And besides, the emails were stolen by WikiLeaks. Yep, they were… but it doesn’t make them any less damning, you weasel.

Earnest and the White House seem spooked over all this. And I bet there is more to come on it. It looks pretty damned convincing that Obama lied initially and used a fake name because he knew what he was doing was not okay. Then he did what he always does and played ignorant and used plausible deniability yet again.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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