Will Obama Apologize For IRS Targeting Of Conservative Groups?

Don’t bet on it.


(The Blaze) White House spokesman Josh Earnest couldn’t provide a direct answer when asked by a reporter on Friday if President Barack Obama would “apologize” to conservative groups who were unfairly targeted by the IRS.

Rather than saying the president is sorry or planned to apologize, Earnest said Obama was “troubled” by the IRS targeting scandal that “apparently occurred.”

“What the president has said, is he is troubled by the wrongdoing that apparently occurred at the IRS,” he said. “And he is committed that we get to the bottom of what exactly happened and make sure we have safeguards in place to prevent those kinds of things from happening again.”

If he had any thoughts of apologizing for the flagrant Constitutional violations, not too mention possible civil and criminal violations, by an agency and its employees who work for him, well, he’d have to apologize for his own words that helped create the situation. His constant attacks on Conservative groups, his denigration of them (calling TEA Party members “Teabaggers”), whining about the Citizens United decision, all these and others certainly gave IRS employees the notion that it was OK with The Boss to target Conservative groups.

And let’s not forget that some groups, such as True The Vote, saw their groups and unrelated businesses targeted by the FBI, ATF, and OSHA, among others.

But, hey, the spokesweasel says that Obama says anyone involved will be “held accountable”. Perhaps with a frown and a wagging finger.

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