Will Obama Change His Tune After An Epic Smackdown?

Obama’s 1pm presser should be very interesting, very interesting indeed. If you’re lucky enough to have the day off (like me!), make sure to watch the agony. My inside sources tell my that TOTUS really tied one on last night, and had to be dragged out of a dorm party turned morose at American University at 4am, so, will not be on his game. Anyhow, what about his boss?

The White House is sending a “we-get-it” message following Tuesday’s Republican romp.

A top aide to President Barack Obama said not to look for a change in his “fundamental principles, but certainly there were messages that have to be heeded, and we will.”

You can easily read into that, and see that Obama will give the right indications to start with, while finding a way to push his own highly partisan and far left progressive agenda, while…….blaming Republicans.

“There are lessons for us, and there are lessons for [Republicans], as well,” the aide said. “This wasn’t a vote for more partisanship, for more ideology. This was a vote for cooperation and pragmatism. … They want us to hold government responsible. We’re, in a sense, responsible. And we’re going to do that.”

So, if Republicans do not cooperate with Obama, expect blamestorming from the Campaigner in Chief. Over to the Washington Post, Ruth Marcus writes here own statement for Obama

Good afternoon. Well, we got thumped. I’m disappointed, but I continue to believe that our actions were necessary and correct. The stimulus spending helped avert a second Great Depression. The health-care legislation offers the dual promise of extending coverage and controlling costs. Financial regulatory reform will protect the U.S. economy from private-sector recklessness.

That’s a lot – but I heard you loud and clear.

First, we didn’t do enough. Unemployment would have been even higher without the stimulus, but it is unacceptably high. We’ve had nine consecutive months of private-sector job growth, and we’re going to keep at it for as long as I’m privileged to be your president.

In other words, we did good, but, you stupid people just didn’t understand. Ruth does mix in some “we should all come together and work as one” claptrap, yet, Obama got thumped. He needs to come hat in hand and work with Republicans.

Elsewhere, the MSM is in despair, and spinning for all it is worth. Those TEA Party wins are apparently bad. The first paragraph was rewritten, but, here is how it still reads on the front page of the Fish Wrap

If Bush-era income tax cuts are extended and the deficit grows, the dollar could be further weakened – a prospect that worries U.S. allies and trading partners.

And Tea Party Comes to Power on an Unclear Mandate. The next two years should be fun, watching the media implode in anger.

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