Wow, Even Charlie Rangel Is Making Fun Of Obama Over Syria

Don’t kid yourself about the Democrats on Syria. Many of the very same liberals who screamed “Blood for Oil” and “Rush to War” when Bush was in office will fall right in line behind Obama in his misguided attempt to help Al-Qaeda in Syria. Still, you can expect that there will be a few consistent liberals like Charlie Rangel who haven’t forgotten the lines they spouted off for eight years of their lives.

charlie rangel

President Barack Obama’s handling of the Syria crisis has proved “embarrassing,” Rep. Charles Rangel, a staunch Democratic supporter of Obama, told MSNBC Monday.

The president’s declaration last year that the use of chemical weapons by the Damascus regime would cross a “red line” was “unheard of” the veteran New York Democrat said.

“I love Obama and you’ll never find a truer Democrat than me,” Rangel said. “But this whole idea of any president of the United States drawing lines saying that if any country does something that he considers wrong, that the nation is going to war, it’s unheard of, drawing a red line,” Rangel said.

“So, of course, it’s embarrassing.”

…On CNN, Rangel, who has served in the House for 42 years, vehemently opposed the idea of going to war with Syria when so many questions are unanswered.

“There’s absolutely no question I would vote no because there’s so many questions,” he said. “One of them is, is this a war? And if it’s not a war, if it’s a limited war, I never heard of anything in my entire life. If you’re going to fire shells and bomb a community, that’s war, and you have to have a declaration of war, and the Congress should legally, constitutionally approve it and I haven’t seen that evidence.”

Yes, it is embarrassing that we’re supposed to help Al-Qaeda by attacking Syria because Syria attacked Syria.

No, thank you.

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