WOW! The Obamas Are Cashing in $60 MILLION! [VIDEO]

WOW! The Obamas Are Cashing in $60 MILLION! [VIDEO]

Both Barack and Michelle Obama have landed major book deals. No surprise there, but the amount they will rake in for the deal is… more than $60 million. That’s obscene. For what I view as the worst president in history, they are forking over 10’s of millions to have them lie about what they did and push their Marxist viewpoint on Americans. It was the eight most destructive years in our country’s history… Obama accumulated more debt than all previous presidents combined and he instituted more regulations than any other president as well.

What’s even worse is the Obamas have taken a page from the Clintons on all this. They are trying to appear charitable while running a lot of the money through the Obama Foundation. They have evidently been taking corruption lessons from Hillary. Obama will also no doubt use some of this money to fund his war against President Trump. The money from these book deals is far from the amount the Obama’s will eventually see from speeches, appearances and other writings. They will be billionaires before this is done.


From The Hollywood Reporter:

Barack and Michelle Obama have book deals.

The former president and first lady have signed with Penguin Random House, the publisher announced Tuesday. Financial terms were not disclosed, although the deals are likely in the tens of millions of dollars.

Earlier reports had the bidding above $60 million. The record for a presidential memoir is the $15 million that Bill Clinton got after leaving office in 2000.

One unique aspect of the deal: a promise to donate 1 million books in the Obama family’s name to First Book, which is dedicated to promoting educational opportunity via new books to children in need. First Book is a longtime Penguin Random House nonprofit partner and the Washington-based partner for the 2016 White House digital education initiative Open eBooks.

Per the publisher’s announcement, the Obamas also plan on donating a “significant portion” of the book deal to charity, including the newly established Obama Foundation.

Both Obamas have published books through Crown, a Penguin Random House imprint.

The Obamas are making over four times what Bill Clinton made on his book. It’s hard to wrap your head around it and it makes your blood boil. This is how Obama sees his foundation: “The Obamas asked Americans to submit recommendations to the website for what the foundation can do. While based in Chicago, the projects created by the foundation will take place “all over the city, country and world,” Obama said. “True democracy is a project that’s much bigger than any one of us,” Obama said. “It’s bigger than any one person, any one president, any one government. It’s a job for all of us.” No, sir… you are treating it as a war game and it’s Marxism, not democracy, that you espouse.

I wonder if Obama will actually write this book? It is widely rumored his last two books had others doing most of the work. And how will Michelle have time while shopping, designing, traveling and planning a coup with Valerie Jarrett? Penguin Random House won a bidding war for these books. SMH.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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