YES! Federal Court Destroys Key Piece of Obama’s Climate Change Agenda

YES! Federal Court Destroys Key Piece of Obama’s Climate Change Agenda

When Barack Obama took office, he was insistent on forwarding a climate change agenda — and one of his key tools was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). His EPA ended up being a total disaster, completely overstepping their boundaries and causing disasters across the country. And now, they’re finally being reigned in, in what is surely a huge blow to Obama and his agenda.

In 2015, the EPA decided that hydroflourocarbons, or HFCs, should be banned due to research that showed they contribute to global warming. HFCs are typically found in automobile air conditioning systems, spray cans and refrigerators. Many objected, rightly pointing out that the EPA does not have the authority to make such a ruling — and a federal court evidently agrees.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the EPA, striking down the ban in a 2-1 decision stating that the EPA couldn’t enact such a ban. Because HFCs are not considered to be ozone-depleting materials, the EPA cannot use the Clean Air Act to ban them… even if it does help forward their climate change agenda.

Interestingly, while the EPA is tasked with protecting the environment, the agency seems to be rather cavalier about their job. The Animas River spill in California, for example, was caused by EPA contractors who spilled toxic waste into the water, causing major damage to the environment and poisoning the drinking supply for thousands of residents across three states and the Navajo Nation. The EPA responded with over $2 million in contract enhancements for the contractors responsible, Environmental Restoration LLC.

The EPA also delayed warning residents of Flint, Michigan about the fact that their water supply was tainted with lead, waiting an insane and inexcusable seven months before declaring an emergency. There have been countless scandals going back years, but we’re supposed to believe that Obama and the EPA are concerned with the environment? Please. It seems a lot more like it’s yet another example of a government agency looking to gobble up as much power and authority as it possibly can.

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