YES! Senate Tells Obama Where To Put His Policies – DEFIES Him In 99-0 Vote!

YES! Senate Tells Obama Where To Put His Policies – DEFIES Him In 99-0 Vote!

Obama’s Iran deal infuriated millions of Americans and apparently, everyone in the Senate as well. Under his agreement with Iran, many economic sanctions were suspended or relaxed, only receiving Iran’s promise that they would use nuclear technology for “peaceful” work only. A provision allowed sanctions to be reinstated if Iran violated their terms. And the Senate just passed a bill that is a giant slap in the face to Obama and his horrible Iran deal.


Thursday, the Senate voted 99-0 to impose sanctions on Iran for another decade. The Iran Sanctions Extensions Act was also passed by the House, in a 419-1 vote, just two weeks earlier. According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the bill is sorely needed, thanks to Iran’s “continued pattern of aggression” and “efforts to expand its sphere of influence across the region.”

“This is even more important given how the current administration has been held hostage by Tehran’s threats to withdraw from the nuclear agreement, and how it has ignored Iran’s overall efforts to upset the balance of power in the greater Middle East,” McConnell said.


Of course, the Obama administration opposed the bill. They argued that the sanctions are unnecessary after their Iran deal and that they have the authority to extend sanctions or impose additional sanctions already. But even Democrats in Congress disagreed with Obama and insist that existing sanctions remain in effect.

Now, Obama has to sign the legislation to make it official and given his opposition, that may not happen. But considering that both houses of Congress passed it with only one person against it in all of Congress, overriding his veto won’t be difficult.

Sorry, Obama. But not everyone is excited about the idea of giving Iran nuclear weapons while removing sanctions at the same time. Some people actually use common sense when making decisions.

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