Ben Carson Blasts the Media… LIVE at the National Press Club! WATCH

Ben Carson Blasts the Media… LIVE at the National Press Club! WATCH

Ben Carson tried to give the media a course on the Constitution.  Of course the media is biased and partisan.  Thus the need for the lesson.  The lesson should have been well received but we will see what is written about it from the people that should have gotten the lesson.  Many have tried but Carson is so level headed that he has the personality to do it with class and dignity.


“There is only one business in America that is protected by the Constitution, and that is the press. They were supposed to expose and inform the people in a non-partisan way. When they become partisan, which they are, they distort the system as it was supposed to work. And they allow the side that they pick to get away with all kinds of things.”

“This is the level of insincerity that we see and it really is kind of embarrassing to see that. Everything needs to be looked at in its context. And when news media pick one word or one phrase, and they run with it, and they try to characterize people like that. I gotta tell you guys, that’s why people don’t trust you anymore. You’re down there with used car salesmen.”

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Ben Carson then gave specific examples on just how much the media sucks, even citing specific examples with what he actually said vs. what the media claims he said. He did so calmly, while remaining soft-spoken, yet not backing up an inch. That’s an unbelievable rarity these days.

Carson didn’t just give the media a much needed tongue lashing.  He took the time and tried to show them how to get their pride back along with the trust of the American people.


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