Bernie & Jane Sanders Lawyer Up as the FBI Probes Financial Fraud

Bernie & Jane Sanders Lawyer Up as the FBI Probes Financial Fraud

Bernie Sanders attracted tons of supporters during the Democratic presidential primary, stunning Hillary Clinton. While a crotchety socialist seemed an unlikely candidate to win the nomination, Sanders still gave Clinton a major run for her money. Many preferred Sanders because they thought he was a more honest alternative to corrupt Hillary, but it turns out, he may have been just as corrupt all along.

The FBI has opened an investigation into Bernie and Jane Sanders, involving her time as president of Burlington College in Vermont. The Sanders have now hired a lawyer to fight the potential charges, which involve allegations of fraud.

Jane Sanders took out loans for the college between 2004 and 2011. One was a $10 million loan from People’s United Bank, meant to be used to purchase 33 acres of land for the college’s holdings. But the FBI believes that Sanders may have lied and misrepresented the school’s donor levels so that it seemed that Burlington College had more income than it actually did. Sanders told the bank that she expected $2.6 million in donations for fiscal year 2010, but she was far short of that number. The college only raised $676,000 between 2010 and 2014 total. The school eventually went bankrupt by 2016.

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The FBI also believes that Bernie Sanders may have personally intervened with the bank to ensure that the loan was approved.

Once the investigation went public, both Bernie and Jane Sanders hired lawyers and stopped cooperating with the FBI. And while the investigation began last year, while Barack Obama was still president, Sanders is insistent that this is Trump attacking him. “This implication came from Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign manager,” Sanders said. “It’s from Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Vermont. Let me leave it at that because at this point it would be improper for me to say any more.”

Do you think Bernie and Jane Sanders committed fraud?

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