Bernie Sanders Denounces America, Says We Are Not Compassionate

Bernie Sanders Denounces America, Says We Are Not Compassionate

Democrats have been exploiting cabinet confirmations as an opportunity to showcase their own moonbattery, none more disgustingly than the wealthy communist Senator many Democrats wish were the incoming President, Bernie Sanders.

Like a true leftist, Sanders despises America and expects others to congratulate him for it. While questioning HHS nominee Tom Price, the piece of work coughed up this:

“No, we’re not a compassionate society in terms of our relationship to poor and working people. Our record is worse than virtually any other country on earth. We have the highest rate of childhood poverty than any other major country on earth and half of our senior, older workers have nothing set aside for retirement. So I don’t think compared to other countries we are particularly compassionate.”

Actually, America is the most generous country in the world. But to leftists, voluntary generosity doesn’t count; only wealth redistribution imposed by the government on a coercive basis matters. That is, Sanders et al. despise actual generosity; what they want is slavery.

A leftist’s idea of generosity.

On a tip from KirklesWorth. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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