Bernie’s Daughter Paid $500k To Teach Woodworking At Jane’s Bankrupt College

Bernie’s Daughter Paid $500k To Teach Woodworking At Jane’s Bankrupt College

The world is growing increasingly wonky and is filling itself to the brim with things I don’t understand. For instance, Carina Driscoll – the daughter of the embattled Bernie and Jane Sanders – was hired to teach woodworking at Burlington College, which went bankrupt and closed last spring.

Burlington College prided itself on catering to “non-traditional students,” such as veterans and adults, and had a relatively small enrollment – about 200 students. It also offered degrees in unconventional fields such as woodworking, but when Jane Sanders arrived at the college in 2004, it didn’t offer any sort of program for woodworking. That’s when things get a little… corrupt.

Tax records from 2009 show that Burlington College paid Vermont Woodworking School $56,474 for materials, leasing bench space and other various charges. The expenditure was reported as it related to a relationship between Driscoll and the college.

Is this scandalous? Well, only when you realize that the Vermont Woodworking School was a for-profit business run by Bernie Sanders’ daughter, who received a shocking $500K to teach her trade.

From Investment Watch Blog:

Over the next four years, funds to VT Woodworking School increased considerably from this original amount to $133,134 in 2010; $138,571 in 2011; and, $182,741 in 2012 (the last year program expenses are reported in the tax filings).

Is this a classic case of nepotism? Probably. Is this one of the reasons Burlington College ended up filing bankruptcy? Also probably.

It appears that Sanders very openly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Driscoll at the expense of Burlington College. How has this not been investigated before? I’m all for bringing in family as long as you trust them, but this seems like it was a scheme to make as much money as possible before the college went under.

It’s no surprise that President Carol Moore is calling for Jane Sanders to be investigated for her sketchy behavior while in the college’s employ.

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