I Was A High School Student ‘Feeling the Bern’. Then Liberals Turned Me Into A Trump Supporter

I Was A High School Student ‘Feeling the Bern’. Then Liberals Turned Me Into A Trump Supporter

In 2015, Jessica Dobrinsky could have been found wearing a “Feel The Bern” T-shirt in her high school classes. Her passion to change the world had lead her straight into the open arms of Democratic Socialism, but it didn’t take her very long to become disenfranchised with the left.

In October 2016, she became a loud and proud Trump supporter, which could not be any further from her original political stances. What caused the change?

In an opinion piece posted to Independent Journal Review, Dobrinsky describes her transformation from non-political teen to Trump supporter and it’s something that all teenagers should read.

While she was going to a specialty school to become a police officer and was not at all interested in politics, she knew how important it is to vote. So, she turned on the news and tried to find someone who reflected her values.

She readily admits that she wasn’t going to give the Republican candidates a chance, something that a lot of people in our generation (millennials) do. Like most kids, she became enamored with feminism and Bernie Sanders, whose message appealed greatly to younger people make decisions based on feelings instead of stone-cold logic.

From the moment she heard Sanders preach about “equality,” she was a dedicated leftist. Dobrinsky remembers how she wanted to “tear down the patriarchy, close the wage gap and hate the ‘white men this country was built on’.” She spent her time trying to protect minority groups and tweeting nasty images to Republicans to get her point across.

Her turning point? Her love of music and Charlie Puth.

“The story surrounding Ke$ha and Dr. Luke was running rapid in the feminist community. In an interview during the same time, Charlie Puth said what was happening to both Dr. Luke and Ke$ha was devastating. It was. But the left only heard that it was devastating to Dr. Luke, and attacked Puth as a rape sympathizer, a misogynist, and against the fight for equality; by listening to his music, I suddenly was too.

I was harassed on Twitter for my opinion and quickly deleted any trace of him off of my account. I couldn’t do anything without the risk of it being critiqued and accused of harming society. I listened to him in secret and when in public would roll my eyes, look disgusted, and turn off the radio.”

During her first college semester, Dobrinsky volunteered for a Republican campaign, having been put off by the social justice crowd who made her feel like she was walking on egg shells by listening to a musician she enjoyed.

That was all it took to turn her into a Republican.

Read the rest of her story here.

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