Record COLD SNAP predicted for December as BERNIE defends Global Warming!

Record COLD SNAP predicted for December as BERNIE defends Global Warming!

Bernie Sanders should have faded back into irrelevancy after losing the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton, but he’s still around, talking about things he has no understanding of. The latest example is “global warming,” the climate disaster liberals keep insisting is taking place, despite all evidence to the contrary. Sanders has been furious that anyone dared to point out the inconvenient truth about global warming.


The House of Representatives Science Committee sent out a tweet on Thursday, which pointed out that temperatures around the world have drastically fallen:

Sanders reacted angrily, although he didn’t actually debunk the information:

Over the last six months, we have seen the fastest drop in land temperature on record. And people like Sanders are extremely bitter — they expected the El Nino-driven spike in temperatures to be permanent.

Meanwhile, the entire United States is expected to have a cold snap next week, with 75% of the country below freezing:


NOAA scientists are expecting to see record lows. Only Hawaii, Texas and southern parts of Florida are expected to be spared. The western half of the United States, including Alaska, is in for some serious cold and potentially heavy snow.

But, you know. Global warming! Err, I mean… climate change!

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