Secret Service Defends Bernie Sanders From Animal Rights Nuts

How wacky are animal rights militants? Bernie Sanders isn’t enough of a moonbat for them:

The Secret Services jumped on to the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally and protected the Democrat from a gaggle of animal rights protesters who jumped barricades and rushed the podium in Oakland, CA.

Agents tackled the protesters to the concrete and ushered them away in handcuffs as the throng of Bernie supporters booed and then began chanting. It was unclear whether the crowd was jeering at the protesters for disrupting the rally or at the Secret Service for tackling and arresting the protesters.

Here is what the kooks have against the communist presidential aspirant:

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Zach Groff of the grassroots group Direct Action Everywhere told ABC News that they have been targeting Sanders because of his message about caring for the most vulnerable.

“His campaign has promoted itself based on this idea of progressivism and rejecting discrimination and inequality,” Groff said, “but when it comes to the animals in the United States and around the world, discrimination and violence is the name of the game every single day.”

“He claims to be a progressive, but you cannot be a progressive if you oppose animal rights,” he said.

Apparently Sanders opposes animal rights by not advocating the choking off of our food supply:

In a statement, another one of the Berkeley-based group’s organizers, Aidan Cook, said that “Sanders claims to oppose ‘factory farming,’ but what he hides is that virtually all farms in the United States, including farms he supports, are essentially factory farms.”

What exactly do these people want?

The group is seeking an endorsement of full “personhood” for all animals and has previously disrupted Sanders’ events.

Calling for full legal rights for dogs, cats, chickens, cockroaches, et cetera follows naturally from liberal logic. The next step will be a demand that wealth be redistributed so that no living organism has a higher standard of living than any other. Sanders will be on board with that one, so long as exceptions are made for those doing the redistributing.

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