UH…Bernie Sanders’ Newest Tweet Has Americans Thinking He’s LOST His Mind!

UH…Bernie Sanders’ Newest Tweet Has Americans Thinking He’s LOST His Mind!

Sen. Bernie Sanders is well known as a “Democratic Socialist” and he’s at it again — this time in a since-deleted tweet that is so absurd, it makes you question the the man’s sanity.


Then again, Vladimir Lenin was the first Marxist to coin the term, “Democratic Socialists,” so I suppose the loss of sanity goes along with the political view.

Sanders’ now deleted tweet went like this: “In terms of our relationship with poor and working people, America’s record is worse than virtually any other country on earth.”


One Twitter user asked an important question in response:

According to MRC TV:

Last I checked, in socialist Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, it costs $150 to buy a carton of eggs. Is this really what Bernie wants?

Note to Bernie Sanders: Claiming that America treats the poor worse than any other country is an insult to the plight of the suffering. Especially in countries like North Korea, Venezuela, or heck… maybe the 23 other countries, where a majority of the population lives beneath the poverty line.

As was pointed out earlier about Sanders, he’s nothing more than a severe hypocrite.

Sanders can call himself a “Democratic Socialist” till the cows come home, but the truth is that he’s a pretty run-of-the-mill Marxist. A Communist. A plain Socialist. All intimately related, all extremely murderous.

This is what leftists do to further their agenda — lie and use fear and emotive pleas to bury the truth, such as the fact that the agenda Sanders has proposed would be devastating if implemented.

He, like all the Marxists before him, promotes a Utopian world in which he is doing next to nothing to create himself, despite the fact that socialists who claim to care so much about others don’t have to delay for the government to redistribute their wealth; they can do that right now themselves.

They don’t and that’s why their moral vanity is so conspicuous, and you know why? Because it’s all a lie to profit from more power for a bloated government.

And now for a ‘Disrupt J-20’ protester and before you say anything – I’m sorry.

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