Black Lives Matter DELETES Trump Twitter Poll After They Get Result They Never Saw Coming

Black Lives Matter DELETES Trump Twitter Poll After They Get Result They Never Saw Coming

And on today’s episode of “WHOOPS! You Won’t Do That Again,” we have a Black Lives Matter-affiliated Twitter page posting a poll that they were later forced to remove after being embarrassed by the results. That’s just hilarious. It certainly didn’t turn out the way they expected.

Apparently, Black Lives Matter got salty that Trump was quoting a recent poll about his support numbers (oh, the HORROR!) and they decided to do one of their own, no doubt for their followers to use as a (hee, hee) “Trump” card during some argument or another. But that’s not exactly how it turned out. It backfired YUGELY!! I love it when a plan comes together.

“Since @realDonaldTrump bragged about the results of a twitter poll, let’s try this again!” Black Lives Matter tweeted to their followers. “Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s job performance? Do vote and retweet.” The poll was left up for five days before they yanked it.

44,447 votes (and what I’m sure was a WHOLE lot of time giggling) later, the approval rating for Trump was at 67% and the poll was pulled from their page. Man, I’ll bet they just couldn’t pull it fast enough too. Many of their Twitter followers questioned the wisdom of taking down the poll. But they did it anyway. They just couldn’t handle the truth, so they deleted the poll.

Of course, that might have more to do with large conservative pages sharing the poll around and ginning up some support for the President. It was passed all over the Internet and quoted over and over and over again. And you would think after watching George Takei and MANY other progressives fail with these sorts of polls on Twitter that they would know better. But no, they just keep doing the same old insanity again and again, praying for different results.

And there were other Twitter users who took the time to mock what the Twitter account was trying to do, despite the fact that we don’t actually know whether the account is linked to the Black Lives Matter movement or not. There’s no little blue check mark by the account name. Does it even matter? In any case, they received a proper tongue lashing from the public and rightfully so. It was beautiful.

One could say this was a massive mistake for the Black Lives Matter account. I doubt they will try that again anytime soon, but who knows? There are more productive ways out there to spread Trump hatred after all and there are so many police officers in their sights. They did prove though that they believe in censorship and propaganda by doing this.

It’s not surprising that those on social media felt the desire to rally behind their President when the group posting a poll was meant to do nothing but tear him down based on perceived racial biases. Who can blame them? Americans are getting sick and tired of seeing Trump trashed day in and day out on things that have absolutely no bearing on his ability to lead the nation and her people into prosperity. Americans want to embrace and love their Commander-in-Chief, not disrespect him. These small acts of rebellion are proof that people are getting tired of the petty bickering and attempts to pit one group of people against another for the sake of division and stirring up hatred. That was Obama’s shtick.

If you want your movement to succeed, you should be trying to unite people. To bring them together in common cause. You can’t view everyone who isn’t YOU as the enemy, or you’re going to get nowhere. If fact, you’ll be viewed as the enemy. Stop trying to push people (especially Trump voters, given that they are the majority) away because of who they voted for. It’s silly and it’s going to harm your message. Which it already has.

But come on, this was funny! Still laughing over it and chuckling. This just gives President Trump more to brag about and to rub social justice warriors’ faces in. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m sure Black Lives Matter was crushed over this poll, but it gives me a happy… all freaking day long!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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