Black Lives Matter are Outraged Over a Huge Sign in Texas — THIS is Hilarious!

Black Lives Matter are Outraged Over a Huge Sign in Texas — THIS is Hilarious!

Black Lives Matter got started as a way to protest police brutality, an idea that would seem to be unoffensive. Yet not everyone can get on board — many people dislike Black Lives Matter, due to their violent protests, frequent riots and calls for violence against police. Still, speaking out against the group is still often frowned upon and using the phrase “all lives matter” gets liberal activists really riled up, as one Texas restaurant found out firsthand.

Wagner Supply Company in Odessa, Texas, decided to chime in on the Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter debate with a sign posted in front of their business. The message is simple and yet the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

The sign reads, “2000 years ago Jesus ended the debate of which lives matter. He died for all!”

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Locals have been applauding the sign and the meaning behind it. “I believe all businesses should put that up,” Shannon Bezel said when asked about it by a local news outlet. “There should be billboards with it up.”

“At home people should be teaching their children that all people are the same, not different,” she continued. “I believe the anger comes from home.”

Adolfo Bustamante also agreed with the message on the sign. “It’s the first time I’ve ever read it and I think it’s pretty cool because it’s true,” he said. “Jesus Christ died for all our sins, not just white lives, black lives, brown lives, oriental lives, he died for everybody.”

Sharing messages about their personal beliefs is not out of character for Wagner Supply Company, but Bustamente said this doesn’t bother him. “It’s up to the personal beliefs of the business, if they feel like doing it then it’s fine and dandy,” he said. “If anybody is offended by it maybe they don’t need their business because it’s very true.”

Still, Black Lives Matter activists typically are infuriated by anything that argues that “all lives matter.” What will they do when they see this sign?

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