Sheriff Clarke Knows What the Instigators of Charlotte RIOTS Are Up To – Sends Message to Police Everywhere

Sheriff Clarke Knows What the Instigators of Charlotte RIOTS Are Up To – Sends Message to Police Everywhere


Rioters have taken over Charlotte, North Carolina. The situation has become so bad that Governor Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard. One person isn’t having it though and that’s Sheriff David Clarke. Nicknamed “America’s Sheriff,” Clarke is known for his commonsense approach to controversial issues and his politically incorrect devotion to telling it like it is. Sheriff Clarke was on Stuart Varney’s show on the Fox Business Network and weighed in on the riots in Charlotte, and he hit the nail right on the head.

Clarke completely rejected the idea that the rioters were actually protesters trying to combat racial injustice. “This has become a political construct and I said that four months in December of 2014 after Ferguson,” Clarke said. “I know these people, I know what they’re up to, I know their mode. These are anarchists! The anarchists are exploiting these poor people in these urban ghettos to be the riot starters so until the police commanders start to understand what this movement is – all they have to do is go back to the war on cops in the 60’s.”

He also called on police to stop handling these rioters with kid gloves. According to Clarke, police must act more aggressively to stop the violent activists before it gets out of control. And the situation in Charlotte is truly out of control.

In addition to blocking highways and looting businesses, the rioters have turned violent. They were smashing windows and setting fire to businesses. At least one person has been killed and multiple police officers have been injured. They even began attacking the media, which has largely been sympathetic to their cause. A CNN reporter was body-slammed live on air and the rioters tried to kill a photographer by throwing him into a fire. But the violence didn’t end there.

After a black man shot another protester, demonstrators began throwing bottles, dirt clods and fireworks at the officers. The police fired flash grenades and then tear gas back, dispersing the crowd of several hundred. Protesters responded by hurling trash cans and potted plants.

This is not about protesting the death of an allegedly innocent person. This is a bunch of thugs exploiting someone’s death for their own nefarious purposes.

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