The Right Wing News Bloggers’ Choice Conservative Of The Year For 2010

Right Wing News emailed more than 260 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to select the Conservative of the Year. Representatives from the following 66 blogs responded…

101 Dead Armadillos, Alexa Shrugged, All That Is Necessary, Babalu Blog, Basils Blog, Blonde Sagacity, Bluey Blog, Bookworm Room, Cara Ellison, Cassy Fiano, Conservative Compendium, Dispatches From Blogblivion, Dodgeblogium, Drumwasters Rants, Exurban League, Faustas Blog, Fingers Malloy, Ft. Hard Knox, GOPUSA Northeast, GayPatriot, Girl On The Right, GraniteGrok, Hoosier Access, Infidels Are Cool, Jenn Q. Public, Jeremayakovka, Jihad Watch, John Hawkins, Katie Favazza, Lee Doren, Libertarian Republican, Lorie Byrd, Lotus Blog, Mean Ol Meany, Midnight Blue, Moonbattery, Mount Virtus, Musing Minds, Newmarks Door, Nice Deb, No Runny Eggs, Outside The Beltway, Pirates Cove, Political Mommentary, Pundit Boy, Pursuing Holiness, Rightosphere, Russ. Just Russ, Shots Across The Bow, Snark and Boobs, Solomonia, SondraK, The Absurd Report, The American Princess, The Campaign Spot, The Hedgehog Report, The Minority Report, The New Ledger, The Next Right, The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill, The Smallest Minority, The Sundries Shack, The TrogloPundit, The Underground Conservative, WILLisms, Wyblog

The bloggers were all provided with a pre-selected list of 20 candidates that I chose. Out of that list, they were allowed to choose up to 3 names. All 20 candidates will be listed, the top 7 will get an extremely brief profile, and the top vote getter is the Right Wing News 2010 Conservative of the Year. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions (Alphabetical order)

* Dick Armey/Matt Kibbe (Freedomworks)
* Michele Bachmann (Congresswoman)
* Haley Barbour (Governor of Mississippi. Chairman of the Republican Governors Association)
* Glenn Beck (Radio and TV host)
* John Boehner (Republican House leader)
* David Bossie (Citizens United President. Citizens United v Federal Election Commission)
* Jan Brewer (Governor of Arizona)
* Scott Brown (Massachusetts Senator)
* Mike Duncan/Karl Rove/Ed Gillespie (American Crossroads)
* Erick Erickson (Redstate, CNN)
* Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs and leader of the Ground Zero Mosque fight)
* Bobby Jindal (Governor of Louisiana)
* Tim Phillips/Phil Kerpen (Americans for Prosperity)

The Runners-Up

7) Paul Ryan (9 votes): This Congressman from Wisconsin became a conservative sensation because of his Roadmap for America’s Future, which was re-released in 2010.

5) Allen West (11 votes): West is a newly elected Congressman from Florida. He stands out, not only because he and Tim Scott are the first two black Republicans in the House since J.C. Watts left Congress in 2003, but because he’s a fiery, outspoken Tea Party favorite who has no qualms about standing up for conservatism or speaking out against radical Islam.

5) Jim DeMint (11 votes): This South Carolina Republican is widely viewed as the prototype of what a conservative Republican should be like in the Senate. Not only was he a ferocious defender of conservative values in D.C., he was an impact player both in the primaries and the 2010 general elections.

4) Andrew Breitbart (15 votes): Breitbart is a combative conservative who heads a burgeoning media empire. He’s the man behind, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Peace, and Big Journalism. Breitbart was also instrumental in exposing that Democratic Congressmen, including John Lewis, lied about being called racial slurs by Tea Partiers.

The Big Three

3) Marco Rubio (23 votes): When Marco Rubio, a young, exciting, conservative, charismatic, Hispanic Republican tossed his hat in the ring for a Senate seat in Florida, the grassroots instantly warmed to his candidacy. However, when Charlie Crist got into the race, the establishment Republicans immediately rallied behind him. That didn’t sit too well with conservatives all across the country who immediately rallied to Rubio’s candidacy. In the end, Rubio’s star power was too much for Crist, who abandoned the GOP and ran as an independent. Happily, Rubio smashed both Crist and Kendrick Meek in the general election and a new conservative star was born.

2) Sarah Palin (30 votes): It might be easier to ask: What has Sarah Palin not done this year? She was one of the most effective voices in the fight against Obamacare, she became a popular Fox News contributor, she just released a new book, she has her own TV show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and she was a force of nature in the 2010 elections, where she raised millions, swung primaries with her endorsements, and did more to get women candidates elected this cycle than anyone else in history.

1) Chris Christie (32 votes — Right Wing News Bloggers’ Choice Conservative of the Year): You probably couldn’t come up with a much more unlikely conservative rock star than Chris Christie. Keep in mind that when Christie ran in 2009, it was Steve Lonegan who was the favorite of grass roots conservatives in the primary. That’s not surprising, given Christie isn’t a social conservative. So, how in the world did this guy turn out to be the conservative of the year?

Simple: He’s a charismatic, bold, and pugnacious fiscal conservative who has absolutely no qualms about taking on Democrats, the unions, the media, and anybody else who tries to separate the taxpayers of New Jersey from their hard earned money. At a time when the people are terrified that our country is spending itself into bankruptcy while our politicians are too scared to do anything about it, Chris Christie has proven that one man with courage can make a real difference.

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