5 Ways to Be Counter Cultured in 2014

by: Gabriella Hoffman: 

2013 was a great year for counter cultural millennials. More young people: marched for life: and stood for the preborn, while many became disillusioned with “marriage equality.” More: women took up firearms ownership: and rejected so-called birth control “rights.” Best of all, Pajama Boy–the epitome of male effeminacy–became a nationwide laughingstock.

This year, the Left will be relentless in their push for moral relativism in the public square. We counter cultural millennials must fight back, challenge their arguments, and win people over to our side.

Here are five ways millennials can be more counter cultural in 2014:

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1): Say no to big government: 

President Ronald Reagan once said, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Social conservatism in its true form rejects big government policies. In order for society to thrive, values and free markets must work in concert with one another.: Economic conservatism can’t function without social conservatism, and vice versa. When advocating for social conservatism, always tie it to fiscal conservatism. Taxpayer-funded abortions, government redefinition of marriage, social justice, and paternalistic government are antithetical to the cause. Say no to government imposed moral relativism!

2): Reject victimhood: 

The Left is determined to subvert members of our generation to cradle-to-grave government dependency. In their view, empowerment must come from the state in the form of so-called “reproductive rights,” belittling men, and victimhood. Instead, encourage personal responsibility, self-reliance, and sexual integrity. Take up gun ownership and learn self-defense. (For the ladies out there: trust me, it’s far more liberating than birth control!) If someone attempts to bully you, fight back. And lastly, know your worth and don’t compromise under any circumstances. Don’t become a slave to the government!

3): Help the less fortunate through private charity: 

As the: welfare state continues to expand: in the U.S., counter it by donating to private charity. Whether it’s a pregnancy crisis center, your church, or group to benefit wounded warriors, private contributions effectively help people overcome poverty. Lead by example and inspire others to give back!

4): Advocate religious liberty

Under the First Amendment, Americans can freely exercise the religion of their choice.: That means we’re within our right to not violate our conscience to appease certain groups of people. Our current government, with help from the “tolerant” crowd, is: punishing business owners: who don’t agree with “marriage equality.” Another example is forcing religious groups like: Little Sisters of the Poor: to go against Catholic teachings to appease the HHS contraception mandate. We must safeguard and protect everyone’s right to freely practice their faith without fear from our government. Everyone should enjoy their First Amendment rights!

5): Protect the preborn

Since: Roe v. Wade,: over 55 million babies have been aborted. As the country becomes more pro-life, it’s our duty to encourage the right to life for all. Volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center, run a pro-life 5K, and lead the charge to liberate our taxpaying dollars from Planned Parenthood. The innocent and defenseless deserve to be born into a free society!

How will you be counter cultural this year? Share your thoughts below!

This blog post was originally published on Counter Cultured’s: “Lady’s Nook”: column.

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