Communism Is So Not Hot, Paris Hilton

Communism Is So Not Hot, Paris Hilton

by Gabriella Hoffman

Paris Hilton is partying with Cuban communists? That’s so not hot!

Hilton hotel heiress and celebrity Paris Hilton recently vacationed in Cuba. This comes after the Obama administration announced its intention to bolster diplomatic ties between our two countries, while easing restrictions on travel and exports. Hilton isn’t the only American celebrity to visit Cuba.  Singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper husband Jay-Z went to Cuba in April 2013 to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

Most notably, Hilton posted selfies with Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart-son of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro-at a gala event with Naomi Campbell. She also posted, “Posing in front of the original “Habana Hilton Hotel” that my great grandfather Conrad opened here in 1958.” She called communist Cuba “beautiful” and “unique.”

The Daily Beast provides more context behind Ms. Hilton’s visit to the ravaged island nation :

If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, these snapshots of the hotel heiress turned reality TV-celebrity-entrepreneur drives the point home. After all, it was, in fact, Hilton’s late great-grandfather that inaugurated the hotel at the height of the Fulgencio Batista regime. The walls of the seafront property were home to America’s deadliest gangsters including one known as Meyer Lansky. Shortly after Fidel Castro seized power and began expropriations, he nationalized the iconic property renaming it Habana Libre, the Spanish word for free. The hotel became a metaphor for the Communist Revolution: the Yankee proxy headquarters turned into Che Guevara’s office.

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