The Coolest Guns from SHOT Show 2015

by Gabriella Hoffman

While at SHOT Show last week, I checked out some of the latest rifle, handgun, and pistol models from various gun manufacturers.  As a relative newbie in the gun industry, SHOT Show gave me a glimpse into this unfairly vilified yet wonderful community.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) SHOT Show attracted roughly 64,000 people and is the largest outdoor shooting sports convention in existence. Since the conference is not open to the general public, I was lucky to preview new guns. (This made many of my guy friends super jealous – ha!) Though absorbing these surroundings proved to be daunting at times, in the best sense possible, I can accurately divulge information on the beauty of firearms now.

Here are some of my findings from SHOT Show. Enjoy!

MMC Armory  PDW 7 Rifle


I particularly enjoyed testing out the Mennie Machine Company (MMC) Armory Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) 7-inch barrel rifle. Modeled after an AR-15, the PDW 7 rifle boasts many features of a regular AR-15 but has more specialized features. It’s more light-weight, combat, and heavy duty.

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