Gay People Against Redefining Marriage: They Exist

by: Anna Maria Hoffman

Recently, we received a question that highlights a great reality that Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan fail to acknowledge: there are gay people who are against the government redefining marriage.: The “marriage equality” movement assumes that its targeted audience is all on board with its goals. However, there are gay people who wish to not identify with this movement’s merciless tactics, which include using the government to silence dissenters with religious freedom assaults and threatening small businesses that uphold marriage between a man and a woman.: 

These people also don’t agree with the movement’s ultimate goals: undermining the natural family unit through more government encroachment into the marriage business. They see how this movement is creating a new definition of marriage that undermines the importance of sexual: complementarity in marriage by making mothers and fathers optional for children by law.: They also see how this movement is promoting a social reconstruction of our society that denies natural gender differences between men and women. This point was especially emphasized in the question we received. Overall, these people think this movement goes too far.: 

These people are people like: Doug Mainwaring, a gay man who uses common sense and reason to explain why the government shouldn’t be redefining marriage. He gave an: incredible speech: at March for Marriage last year that needs to be shared with more people. Similar to Mr. Mainwaring is: Robert Oscar Lopez,: a bisexual man who was raised by a lesbian couple and is against the government redefining marriage.

Both Mr. Mainwaring and Mr. Lopez have chosen to speak out bravely in defense of marriage, no matter how much hostility they receive from others. People who are similar to them should be given a platform to speak in the marriage movement, because their voices matter. Giving voice to these people, we can strengthen our movement and better counter the Left’s narrative on this issue.

While the “marriage equality” movement says it has its straight allies, we shouldn’t be afraid to showcase our allies who are like Mr. Mainwaring and Mr. Lopez. In reality, there are many people out there who are similar to these two people, but are afraid to speak out because they fear being ostracized by “marriage equality” supporters. For the marriage movement to succeed, we must encourage them to courageously join us to restore a culture of marriage and a trend of the natural family unit back to America. : 

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