“Get Hard” Symbolizes What’s Wrong With Our Culture

by Anna Maria Hoffman

Yesterday I saw the film Get Hard, which features Will Farrell and Kevin Hart. Anticipating a film full of humor and silliness, I walked out of the theater disgusted with the content of the film, which was very sexually explicit, politically correct, and characteristic of the rotten state of our culture. However, the title of the film says it all in hindsight. It is sad that comedy films these days have to stoop to a low level, but hey, “sex sells,” right? Forget the days of good lighthearted comedies, I suppose.

This film centers around the life of James King (Will Ferrell), a hedge fund manager who is engaged to a greedy woman named Alissa (Alison Brie) and is on his way to San Quentin for embezzlement. James is sentenced to ten years behind bars but has only 30 days to prepare for it all. Meanwhile, his engagement to Alissa ends. During that time period, he turns to his car washer Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) for “advice” because he once was in prison. In preparation for life behind bars, Darnell turns James’ house into a pseudo-prison. He teaches him how to talk roughly, fight people, and “prepare” for oral sex with prison inmates. He also urges him to join the Crenshaw Kings gang so he can learn to protect himself in prison. The film ends with a rough scene involving a fight on the yacht of James’ boss Martin (Craig T. Nelson), who ultimately admits he committed the crime. James avoids going to prison for that crime, but ends up spending six months behind bars for the illegal possession of a concealed handgun.

Most notably, the movie was a reflection of our broken culture that is obsessed with sex without commitment, race rather than human dignity, and distaste for self-made individuals  with the “1% vs. 99%” narrative.

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