Nanny Statists Give Cultural Conservatives A Bad Name

by Anna Maria Hoffman and Gabriella Hoffman 

Big government sadly pervades our country today.

Whether it’s the marriage of big business and government or the union of nanny statism and Cultural Marxism (political correctness), big government policies adversely affect people on the cultural and economic fronts. Though we are inclined to criticize and condemn the Left’s embrace of intrusive government, it’s imperative to criticize this when it plagues our side, as well.

As cultural conservatives who also believe in free enterprise, we cannot confidently stand by certain political leaders on the Right who want to remedy society through paternalistic means.

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Nanny statists are quite problematic in the conservative movement. They are the folks who masquerade as social conservatives by proposing big government solutions for alleviating abortion, poverty, marriage, nutrition, and other societal problems. For that very reason, they give our side of the political aisle a bad name as we seek to provide small government, fiscally responsible solutions to the American people while combating the Democrat Party’s sugar-coated statism. In true conservative fashion, adherents to our way of life must reject  big government solutions when resolving society’s most pressing issues.

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