President Obama’s Spying Eyes

BY: Derek Varsalona

Guess what, America?  President Barack Obama really cares about your cyber security and cyber presence in this nation. He really does care a great deal about your Facebook updates, your life on twitter; he cares about what emails you are reading and what websites you are going to. He cares so much that he even decided that it would be a great idea to stick his nose in the middle of hit by creating more jobs. More government jobs and more spending with more pension cost and more health care cost.   Today is Internet Security Day.

The government is now in the business of protecting Americans from cyber crimes. This is due to many high profile companies being attacked in cyber crimes: Sony Pictures Digital Productions Inc., Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. Home Depot USA, Inc. and Target Brands, Inc. are just a few of the companies that were attacked. Well if these companies websites are attacked so could website or any other government website and any website can be attacked for that matter. The real question is why does the government have to be involved? We see how bad the roll out was with faulty start-ups and not able to handle the amount of potential customers. Now, the government wants to control the internet activity, in the United States. They really do not have a great record of accomplishment to begin with. We do not need another layer of government spying over our internet traffic. We already have the CIA, FBI, DHS and NSA already looking out for Americans in cyber security. The Obama Administration claims that the new agency, CTIC (Cyber Threat Intelligence Interrogation Center) will coordinate those agencies. Well, then if that is the case they must not be doing a great job in the first place. If they need to be coordinated, it means the heads of those departments should be fired since they are not doing their jobs, which is to make sure the department protects the American people. The funding for the new agency is in the 201d budget and another $35 million is being thrown into the 2016 budget to fund the department.

I agree that we need to be more secure on the internet. Nevertheless, it is better if private companies take the responsibility on their own to deal with their own cyber security. People also can protect their private computers by only going to trusted websites and opening email from people they know or places in which they are waiting a response from. We can all be secure in our own right and we do not need another agency looking over our shoulders. Remember what the Obama Administration did by having the IRS Target the TEA Party and other Conservative groups? Don’t think it can’t happen again. Who knows if my blog will go down, who knows if this blog will go down? It is very scary when the government can choose what websites are good and what websites are bad. I fear this may happen with this administration and this new agency. I feel perfectly fine with my internet service provider protecting my security. I do not need the government to help in this matter.


Derek Varsalona

I have a mild Case of Cerebral Palsy and am very politically active

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