Proposed National Women’s History Museum Fails to Honor All Women

by: Gabriella Hoffman: The late fashion icon Coco “Gabrielle” Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”The female establishment continues to hold our gender hostage by refusing to acknowledge and accept our differences. Not every woman is a man-hating, “empowered” pro-abort. Not every woman believes in neutralizing gender differences. Not every woman relies on government for empowerment. As a result, I must express my disappointment with the proposed National Women’s History Museum (NWHM).The Republican-controlled House of Representatives recently: voted 383-33: on H.R. 863 to create a bipartisan commission to review the proposed museum, its placement on or near the National Mall, and potential affiliation with the Smithsonian. 191 Republicans joined all House Democrats to approve the commission. A vote is expected in the Senate soon.The museum’s goals are outlined on: its website:

The National Women’s History Museum’s vision is to build a world-class museum at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The National Women’s History Museum currently raises awareness and honors women’s diverse experiences and achievements through its dynamic online museum, educational programs, scholarship and research. Once housed prominently among the other great museums of Washington, D.C., it will create better understanding and greater partnerships among men and women. The National Women’s History Museum will be the first museum in any nation’s capital to show the full scope of the history of its women and will serve as a guiding light to people everywhere.

Who will the museum honor? Honorees include Planned Parenthood founder: Margaret Sanger,: Feminist Mystique: author: Betty Friedan, radical feminist: Gloria Steinem, environmentalist: Rachel Carson, former Secretary of State: Madeleine Albright, First Lady: Michelle Obama, and former First Lady and Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton, among many women. The only conservative or Republican women featured are: Clare Boothe Luce, the late actress: Shirley Temple, and: suffragette Susan B. Anthony.Daniel Horowitz from: RedState: wrote that NWHM’s board consists of three Democrats and one pro-abortion Republican:

Here is a sampling of political information on the members of the board:

:·: Joan Bradley Wages, the President of NWHM, made political contributions to ActBlue, an anti-life Democratic PAC, Eleanor Holmes Norton,: and Barbara Boxer.

:·: Susan Scanlan, member of the board of directors, contributed money to those who opposed Proposition 8 defending marriage in California.

:·: Carey Shuart, the Interim Chair of the Board of Director’s gave all of her campaign contribution money to Emily’s List, a PAC whose only purpose is to support Democratic Pro Choice female candidates for office.

:·: Ann E.W. Stone, the Secretary of the Board of Directors, is the founder of the organization Republicans for Choice, an organization that attempts to infiltrate the Republican Party with the anti-life agenda.

Talk about equal representation for all women! (Not.) A more apropos name would be the National Feminists’ History Museum.NWHM, if approved, will primarily celebrate leftist females. Although this effort to honor women is affable, it alienates females who don’t subscribe to groupthink or class warfare rhetoric. Quite unsettling.Want your taxpayer dollars to: fund propaganda? I don’t–and neither should you.To our Counter Cultured readers: please do your research before embracing this museum. This proposed museum is not representative of our gender. It’ll be another platform for the Left to push hypocritical “War on Women” platitudes.This blog post was originally published on: Counter Cultured’s: “Lady’s Nook”: column.: 

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