Why Online Dating Might Not Be Worth Your Time

by Anna Maria Hoffman

Yesterday, The Daily Beast had some interesting insights into online dating in an article called “Why Online Dating Is Killing Your Anonymity”. It discussed how dating apps like Tinder and websites like OKCupid have made it harder for people to maintain anonymity online when looking for someone to date because people whom you know often appear in your matches and privacy has gone out the window. Most importantly, the article revealed how shallow online dating can be, as much of it is reduced to the physical aspects of dating and evaluating people on the basis of pictures and not-so-wholesome descriptions. Essentially, it has advanced the hookup culture but has also helped mold a dating culture that does not advance serious courtship.

Granted, there have been success stories from online dating. For example, I know a couple who got married after meeting on CatholicMatch, and I have plenty of friends who know people who have had success from Match.com. However, online dating opens the door for great deception regarding the truth about others, confusion when it comes to initial emotional connectedness, and a lack of genuine spontaneity one can experience after meeting someone in person before going out on a date. It also cheapens the dating experience by treating dating as something similar to shopping. You swipe through your “matches” until you find a person’s photo and minimal information that might suit your fancy but at the same time you deny yourself the experience of initial interpersonal connectedness as you keep swiping on.

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