Recommended Reading: Guardian of the Republic

Allen West’s first book Guardian of the Republic is a quick, enjoyable read that deserves to go straight to the top of every patriot’s reading list.

Many books by political figures are tedious, self-aggrandizing yawnathons. Not this one. West gives us enough background to understand where he is coming from, then moves on to ideas without bogging us down in personal trivia.

Fans of his blunt speaking style will not be disappointed. Here’s an example of how he rips into the liberal ruling class mediocrities who have been systematically destroying our country:

We must recommit to our fundamental principles and values. We must reclaim our American pride and exceptionalism. For that to happen, we must distance ourselves from a political class of elites and their accomplices in the media and entertainment industry who defile our culture and promote the degradation of honor and integrity.

Regarding the Moonbat Messiah in particular,

In Obama’s case we’ve enabled affirmative action to find a home in the nation’s highest office. There you have it. I said it and I stand by it. America fell for the gimmick candidate, disregarding every fact and warning sign in the rush to have “the first African-American president.” We were told to shut up, and a complicit media became part of the scheme.

What’s next? What type of gimmick will we rush to accept as a leader regardless of qualification, leadership, or principles?

Shrillary has her hopes in this regard.

The same straightforwardness is applied to the welfare state established by FDR and disastrously expanded by LBJ and BHO:

I believe these programs were never meant to rectify problems but to increase dependency on government, all for political gain. Through the Great Society, the government created this economic plantation where the only real “benefits” are the electoral votes keeping the subsistence providers in power.

How refreshing not to have to wade through mealy-mouthed mendacity regarding how the statists “mean well.” They do not mean well, and kudos to West for not being afraid to say it.

He lays down the struggle before us in clear terms.

If we’re fundamentally transforming America, it must mean we’re moving toward the opposite of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free markets, strong national defense, and traditional values. …

When we choose between the opportunity society and dependency society, we also choose between wealth redistribution (through an expanded government) and wealth creation.

That is, the choice is between freedom and wealth on one side, dependence and poverty on the other. If all conservatives could define the struggle as boldly and succinctly, liberals would be losing it, despite their control of the government, media, and education establishments.


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