The Worst Insult a Woman Can Give You: “You’re Such a Nice Guy!”

The Worst Insult a Woman Can Give You: “You’re Such a Nice Guy!”

There are few worse things that a woman can say about you than, “You’re such a nice guy!” Maybe “You’re rapey looking” or “Do you molest kids?” Even “Are you gay?” is better because women sometimes use that to tease or express frustration that you’re not interested in them.

Why is, “You’re such a nice guy” a cutting insult?

Because think of all the REAL compliments she could have given you:

* You are SO good looking; it’s like you’re photoshopped!

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* You’re so strong! I wouldn’t want to meet you in a dark alley!

* You are the best guitarist I’ve ever seen!

* You’re so physical. I bet you’re a Viking in bed!

* OMG, you are hilarious! You could be a comedian!

* Are you like a professional athlete?

* You remind me of John Wayne! You’re such a man’s man!

So, when a woman says you’re a “nice guy,” what she’s really saying is there is nothing distinct about you whatsoever that she can compliment. You’re not particularly intelligent, attractive or strong in her eyes. However, you’re in her vicinity, talking to her and she feels compelled to say something polite; so it’s “You’re such a nice guy.”

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