BREAKING: California Just Legalized Child Prostitution

BREAKING: California Just Legalized Child Prostitution

California has instated a new sex worker policy that will promote the exploitation of child sexual abuse victims.

The nicer articles on this law are calling these victims “child prostitutes,” but we know that they are not old enough to make the decision to want to engage in such work. Remember: everyone else is in a flyover state and we should all look towards our betters on the coast for justice.

SB 1322 now “exempts persons under 18 years of age from criminal statutes regarding soliciting, engaging in, and loitering for purposes of prostitution if that minor receives money or other consideration.”

It’s reasonable to agree that children who appear to be prostitutes shouldn’t be punished because it’s clear that they are victims, but law enforcement are speaking out against it because it will also protect the people who are exploiting the decriminalized children.

A few years ago, we wrote about the left-wing magazine Salon and their push to normalize pedophilia and convince us that they’re pedophiles, not monsters. They publicized a self-described pedophile named Todd Nicker who urged that society should be more open to his pedophilic leanings. He claimed that he’s never sexually abused a child (thank God) and says he never will (then why are you trying to normalize it?) and blamed his own childhood sexual abuse for his current state. But, he still takes time to describe being sexually attracted to a “precious” 5 year-old girl he babysat when he was 18.

When I was 18 and babysitting, my thoughts were more along the line of doing everything in my power to see that they were safe, warm and fed.

Todd, you need therapy, not societal acceptance. We can only reconcile you into society if you are being successfully treated.

And now California continues its march ahead to force us all to accept children as sexual beings by considering them to be prostitutes in the legislation. Of course, it gets worse. It’s California, of course it gets worse.

Tony Herrera, a law enforcement officer in California, says this:

“I have dedicated my life to helping those who can’t help themselves, and so child prostitution debates strike a nerve in me. This is not just a political debate… I can say with full confidence that California has implemented a harmful policy that will cause further exploitation of our state’s most vulnerable children.”

He stressed that his colleagues all dedicate their lives to helping these victims and preventing more people from falling into traps like this, but that SB 1322 “is the legalization of child prostitution.” The law requires a law enforcement officer to simply refer the child to social services.

“There is no amount of [liberal phony] fact check articles that can change the reality that children can now engage in sex for money without fear of reprisal. In a thinly veiled attempt to save face supporters of this harmful policy are saying this statement is “misguidedly” referencing pimps and johns.”

Herrera says that since pedophilia is illegal, adult prostitution is illegal and soliciting sex is illegal — that legalizing child prostitution, which combines all three of those acts, is now exempt.

Of course, now that child prostitution is legal, we’ll all see how natural it is and start partaking… right? Right?

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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