Buried in California’s New Budget: MILLIONS to Defend Illegals from Deportation

Buried in California’s New Budget: MILLIONS to Defend Illegals from Deportation

Deep in the bowels of California Governor Jerry Brown’s latest budget, you will find $15 to $30 million to provide legal defense for illegal aliens against deportation. Yes, in a state that is bankrupt both financially and morally, they are spending millions on protecting criminals instead of their victims. Nice. Good to his progressive word, Governor Moonbeam is protecting those that he considers have ‘benefited’ his state. He has an odd definition for those who rape, murder and run drugs in his state. He must have a soft spot for gang bangers.

California has officially become a Sanctuary State. They have now made middle schools and high schools sanctuary campuses for illegals as well as universities. They have also legalized the outright election of communists to political positions in California now. California has voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Between the radicals, the communists, the criminals and those who wish to overthrow the nation, California has become an enemy of the Republic.

From Breitbart:

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his May revisions to the state budget proposal he rolled out in January. Buried deep among billions of dollars in proposed new spending are millions of dollars for the state to provide criminal defense for illegal immigrants in California who are facing deportation to their home country by our own federal government.

Apparently the governor is proposing to put taxpayer money where his mouth is, following up on his bold statement last January in his State of the State speech to the California legislature: “Let me be clear: We will defend everybody — every man, woman and child — who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state.”

It is certainly controversial, to say the least, for a state government, within the United States, to start providing taxpayer dollars to fight efforts by the United States to deport people who have entered the country, or overstayed their visas, in violation of the law.

To find this controversial spending proposal, just in the summary document of the budget, you have to comb through to the Department of Social Services section, and then read all of the way through to page 38, in the Health and Human Services subsection – where you find under “Immigration Services” an increase of $15 million to $30 million “to further expand the availability of legal services for people seeking, “…deportation defense…”.

California has also retained Eric Holder and his law firm on a $25,000 a month retainer to fight President Trump and his executive orders. Brown has also proposed increasing the budget of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to support a stream of lawsuits challenging executive orders of the President. The revision to the Attorney General’s budget includes funding for 19 attorneys and 12 other staff members. This is a move to take a statewide stand against Jeff Sessions and ICE, as well as the President of the United States.

The one-time cash infusion would boost the state government’s financial help to those in the country illegally to $33 million – they’ll eventually need more than double that amount. Immigrant rights groups and lawyers hailed the increased funding in Brown’s revised state budget, calling it a signal that the state is committed to protecting families from what could happen under President Trump. I call it giving the finger to the rule of law. California has gone rogue and at some point, we are going to have to address the problem. Freedom is one thing… revolution is another.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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