California Considers Banning Normal Vehicles

California Considers Banning Normal Vehicles

How wacky and repressive can a state become and remain integrated with the rest of the Union? We may find out from California:

California Assemblymember Phil Ting, a Democrat who is chairman of the chamber’s budget committee, said he plans to introduce a bill that, starting in 2040, would allow the state’s motor vehicles department to register only “clean” vehicles that emit no carbon dioxide, such as battery-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

Ting represents San Francisco, which is to California what California has become to the rest of the country. But this lunacy is not confined to the Gay Area.

Ting isn’t the first official from the state with the largest market for new vehicle sales in the U.S. to openly consider a ban on internal-combustion engines. The topic has been discussed at the California Air Resources Board, the state’s powerful air quality regulator, after Governor Jerry Brown showed interest in similar moves by other countries, including China.

Communist China has been an inspiration for Democrats, with its sharply lower living standards and still lower regard for individual liberty.

The ostensible point of banning regular cars is to prevent global warming. Anyone who literally believes that banning normal cars in California would have a perceptible effect on world temperatures belongs in a mental institution — and not only because the electricity for moonbatmobiles is mainly generated by fossil fuels anyway.

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