California DMV releases shock number of drivers’ licenses given to ILLEGAL ALIENS [VIDEO]

California DMV releases shock number of drivers’ licenses given to ILLEGAL ALIENS [VIDEO]

Since January of 2015, California has given driver’s licenses to over 800,000 illegal aliens. This is nothing short of enabling and encouraging lawlessness. It’s not bringing them out of the shadows… it legitimizing criminality. It just shows how far down the rabbit hole California has truly gone. President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to address this issue and many of these illegal aliens are now a bit nervous, as they should be.

I guarantee you that if Jeff Sessions gets his way, California is going to get taken to the woodshed over this. The state of California is assuring these people that the federal government will not access the DMV to track down and deport illegal aliens. I would not make promises you can’t keep. It would not surprise me in the least if that did indeed happen.

From The Mercury News:

On the day that California officials implemented a controversial law that allows undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses, DMV offices throughout the state were packed with immigrants looking to take advantage of the opportunity.

Two years after the implementation of AB 60 on Jan. 1, 2015, an estimated 806,000 undocumented residents have received driver’s licenses, according to Department of Motor Vehicles statistics this month. About 14,000 of these licenses were issued in November alone, the DMV said.

The law has allowed undocumented residents to come out of the shadows and drive safely in their neighborhoods, according to Maricela Gutierrez, executive director of the immigration advocacy organization, SIREN.

“Many of them have been able to drive their kids to school and to run errands, when many times they were taking buses that would take them up to three hours to get from point A to point B,” she said. “It opened up new opportunities.”

One San Jose resident who applied for a license just a few days after AB 60 went into effect received his license in the mail shortly after.

The law aimed to ease deportation fears that proved a barrier for undocumented residents to be tested and licensed to drive, a potential safety concern in a state that is home to an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants. Access to a license also makes it easier for those residents to find work and put their kids in public school. That sounds noble and humanitarian doesn’t it? Progressives always pull that… what it really represents is a brazen flaunting of the rule of law.

It’s almost a given that those illegal aliens getting licenses will not buy auto insurance like the rest of us. As for the safety argument, we hear time and again of illegal aliens killing people out there on the roadways. All this does is negate immigration enforcement and give free range to alien criminals. And then there is the state “motor-voter” law, AB 1461, that starting in 2017 will automatically register most licensed California drivers to vote, arguing it could lead to election fraud if non-citizens barred from voting in federal elections become registered. State officials said there are safeguards in the system to prevent undocumented licensees from being registered to vote. If you believe they’ll enforce that, I have some great land in Nevada for you.

California is taking a stand to protect the illegal immigrants in their state. They are going to face off with the Trump administration, who will most likely cut their federal funding. For a state that is already bankrupt, that portends even more disaster statewide. What was it that Kerry said to Israel? You can either be Jewish or Democratic, but not both (a monstrous lie). Well, California can either heart illegal aliens or survive as a state… but not both (and that’s the truth).

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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