California May Add Third Gender Option on State Documents

California May Add Third Gender Option on State Documents

Liberals have been pushing for transgender acceptance and for everyone to agree that gender is fluid. No longer are people just men or women; they can choose to switch back and forth whenever they want, decide they’re both genders, or that they have no gender… the madness seemingly never ends. Case in point? California is considering adding a third gender option for their state documents.

California state lawmakers are looking at a bill that will place a third gender option on state documents. If it passes, California will be the first state to have such an option available. Two transgender activist groups, Equality California and the Transgender Law Center, are heavily involved with the bill.

However, complicating matters are that some people also pushing for the bill to pass are not transgender, but were born intersex. Sara Kelly Keenan was born with both male genes, female genitalia and a mix of both male and female inner reproductive organs. Keenan’s birth certificate, issued in New York City last year, was the first ever to be issued with an “intersex” classification, rather than “male” or “female.”

Keenan is joining Carly Mitchell, another “non-binary individual,” in lobbying at the California State Capitol to pass a law “allowing a third, non-binary option on IDs including birth certificates and driver’s licenses.”

While legitimately intersex people arguably do have a need for such legislation, the California Family Council has still come out in opposition against the bill. “I don’t think people realize the implications on letting people pick what sex they are,” the California Family Council’s Greg Burt said. “If you change sex to be a description of someone’s feelings, then anyone can claim to be a male or female.” Jazz Shaw, writing for Hot Air, disagrees.

“This is a medical condition which is well known and documented,” Shaw pointed out.

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In ordinary circumstances, this certainly applies — and for people who are transgender, suffering from a mental illness, what they need is help, not a society telling them that their feelings dictate their gender. For people like Keenan, however, the situation is drastically different.

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